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  • Procedures Involved With a Double Closing Deal in CRE

    Purchasing property remains to be one of the most popular methods of investing funds since time immemorial. This is because the value of property often appreciates, making it possible to dispose of at a profit later on.


    There are different kinds of contracts that property buyers and sellers can get into. One example of this is the double closing deal. A double closing contract is a transaction that involves buying and selling of a property from a seller to a buyer through a third party buyer.

  • How to Avoid the Tax Sale Process in Commercial Real Estate

    There are many different things you should have an understanding of when owning a commercial property. Being a part of the real estate world, you will need to be a bit of an expert in a bunch of different fields. Real estate is an interesting industry because it overlaps with so many different areas. There is law, money, codes, accounting, statistics,and more, and learning how they relate to the world of real estate can be daunting. Through time and research, you can learn most of the things you will need to know about the industry and all of its moving parts.


  • Is Acquisition of a Foreclosure Property Profitable?

    Foreclosed homes and properties are an investment opportunity for those looking to get involved in the real estate business with a more hands-on role. If you’ve seen the glamorized television versions of “house flipping,” then chances are you’re already somewhat familiar with house foreclosures, but the concept and process of investing in one is likely very different than what you’ve seen on TV. Although foreclosures can be an excellent investment for some, it’s certainly not for everyone.

  • Importance of Lender Mortgage Insurance While Investing in Commercial Property

    An important tool to any investor is lender mortgage insurance to help save you money over the lifetime of your mortgage. The idea of lender paid mortgage insurance is easy: pay an upfront fee when you get your loan or take a higher interest rate and your lender will pay the mortgage insurance for you. Getting the lender mortgage insurance on your loan can actually save you a considerable amount of money on each monthly mortgage payment. This is a smart idea when it comes to commercial property investing because the more saved on mortgages and upkeep costs the more profit you will receive. In this article we will look at the benefits of lender paid mortgage insurance and why it’s a viable option when making any commercial property investments or purchases.

  • Things to Consider Before Investing in Retail Properties

    Just like any other business endeavor, property investment can be productive or it can be a drain; it all depends on the base of knowledge and decision-making when it comes to the vast real estate market. Under the huge umbrella of real estate property, commercial properties can be further broken down into smaller subcategories, which includes retail properties. Getting into the retail business might not be your cup of tea, but that’s the beauty of real estate investments—you don’t have to have a hands-on role in retail to reap the benefits.