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real estate investments


Few companies can boast an investment track record as successful as that of Landwin. However, our past and current success only serves as inspiration to achieve results for our investors in the future. 

By investing in core properties with a history of dependable income, Landwin provides investors with a consistent cash-on-cash return. Plus, we are one of the few real estate investment firms that uploads reports to our website and sends checks to our investors on a monthly basis.


Landwin's continuously renewing pipeline of quality investment opportunities are acquired through an expansive network of relationships, built over more than 54 years of industry experience. Frequent communication with a list of real estate owners and brokers builds additional opportunities. We may look at hundreds of properties to find one that fits the specific standards established over the 36 years of Landwin's existence.


Landwin Real Estate Advisors have created a variety of investment vehicles, including blind pool investment funds, structured as limited partnerships (LPs), limited liability companies (LLCs), separately managed accounts (SMAs) and joint venture partnerships (JVs).

Investment Funds are typically designed with a minimum and maximum offering amount. When investors tender cash into a fund, they are using that cash to purchase ownership interests in that particular property. Of course, any potential investor will be given a prospectus in advance.

SMAs are specialized accounts designed for our highest net worth clients. Joint Ventures are entities formed to accommodate investment of cash from two or more partners. Landwin forms JVs with local developers with whom we have built and managed relationships for over 4 decades, and with institutional investors who co-invest with our individual investors in large existing properties, new development projects, and portfolio acquisitions.

We invite you to contact us to further explore how best to access the benefits made available through our Real Estate Investment services.