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Just like any other business endeavor, property investment can be productive or it can be a drain; it all depends on the base of knowledge and decision-making when it comes to the vast real estate market. Under the huge umbrella of real estate property, commercial properties can be further broken down into smaller subcategories, which includes retail properties. Getting into the retail business might not be your cup of tea, but that’s the beauty of real estate investments—you don’t have to have a hands-on role in retail to reap the benefits.


In this article, we’ll go over the basics of retail properties, including: the long-term benefits of investing in retail property; things you should consider before doing so; and how you can find professional help and advice in order to make the tough decisions that are involved in retail real estate investment and management.

What is a “Retail Property?”

As previously mentioned, retail property falls under the larger category of commercial property. In basic terms, commercial properties are ones that are leased or rented to tenants for work and business. Retail properties can house many different types of businesses. They are a specific type of commercial property that is highly dependent upon domestic and international economic and population conditions. Investing in retail property isn’t the right option for everyone, but some may benefit more than others.

Long-Term Benefits

Like any investment, it comes with its risks; however, retail properties can be quite lucrative and a relatively safe business investment overall. Retail properties have certain long-term benefits that surpass other real estate investment options—these are a few of them:


  • Build a more stable income with more secure, steadier, and higher returns
  • Less of a financial risk over other types of investments; expenses are typically paid by the tenants who lease the unit
  • More stable and predictable than stock market investments or other types of property investments
  • Overall asset value is more stable and consistent; retail property investment usually includes multiple units or properties, making the risk of vacancy much lower than other types of properties


These are only some of the most salient benefits for real estate investors or prospective investors—there are other long-term benefits that might make the decision worthwhile for your individual financial situation.

Things to Consider

The biggest and most important decisions often take time, and in the case of retail property investment, it is helpful to be sure you’re making a sound financial choice. In the process of looking for a retail property that’s right for you, it’s most important to seek advice from professionals in the real estate market who are particularly familiar with different types of properties, ranging from residential to industrial. However, commercial real estate is unique in that there are specific considerations one should make before investing your time, energy, and money.


  • Location, Location, Location – the most booming retail businesses, and therefore property owners, are located in high-traffic areas that are easily accessed and convenient for the locals.
  • Demand and Demographics – take a look at the other retail properties and businesses in the area, paying special attention to their longevity and type of business; this is highly determined by the demographics and demand of the population in the area.
  • Logistics of Business Management – chances are, if you’re investing in a retail property you don’t want much to do with the logistics of running it. However, it’s crucial to secure tenants who have a well-oiled machine if you wish to lighten the amount of personal effort.

How Landwin Can Help You

The investment company you choose to help you narrow your retail property investment options should be knowledgeable, experienced, and savvy. They should also have excellent business and personal skills. Based in the Encino, CA area, Landwin is a real estate investment company that has a reputation for genuine and consistent investment services.


Our performance record and résumé at Landwin reflect that of true professionals in the real estate investment business. Established in the heart of Encino and Los Angeles County, CA, and with over 40 years of industry experience, we specialize in locating and managing retail properties, among other types of residential and commercial investments services. We are delighted to help our clients achieve financial security with our expertise and knowledge. If you would like to learn more about our business or our services, please look over our website our contact us directly.