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  • How Can You Find Out the Profit Potential of a Commercial Property?

    The real estate industry is full of terms and concepts that can be tough to grasp and understand. It is important to have a basic knowledge of what things mean in real estate, even if you’re not investing in property at that moment. More knowledge will be helpful whenever you go to purchase a property or are dealing with money in regards to real estate.

    If you are planning on buying and selling property, particularly commercial real estate, you will want to have an idea of what profit potential means. Understanding how profit potential works in real estate could help save you money when deciding to invest in a commercial property.

  • How Can You Earn Profit From a Debt-Ridden Commercial Property

    The primary goal of any commercial real estate investor is to make a valuable return on your investment. Whether its office buildings, apartments, or hotels, you’re often taking a leap of faith when it comes to putting your money into these properties.

  • How Does Recession Affect the Commercial Real Estate Sector?

    Commercial real estate is a major part of the US economy. Commercial real estate includes offices, manufacturing, retail and apartment buildings. When a recession hits, it can be felt in the real estate sector.

    What Causes a Recession?

    A recession is caused by the loss of consumer confidence and business. This, in turn, stops consumers from purchasing items putting money into the economy. When this happens the retail market slows so fewer jobs are added and cutbacks are made. Since consumers aren’t purchasing products, manufacturers cannot continue to produce the same number of products. This forces them to cut jobs or perform layoffs due to lack of work.

  • Tips to Recover the Operating Expense of a Commercial Property

    Anyone involved in operating a commercial property is familiar with the numerous expenses related to operation and upkeep. Although it may seem as though you’re operating at a loss, there are many ways to recover some of the costs that are associated with operating a commercial property. When you become involved in operating commercial real estate, you will encounter terms like common area maintenance (CAM) fees, expense reimbursement, or expense recovery. But what are these fees, and how can you get reimbursed for expenses? In this article we’ll explore some of the main costs of operating a commercial property that are eligible for expense recovery, and how to recover these expenses from tenants.

  • Things Every Investor Must Know About Commercial Property Taxes

    Investing in real estate is not an easy investment. The commercial world touts the mantra, “Location, Location, Location!” but the ins and outs of the money involve factors that go far beyond the piece, and price, of property. Economic swings in foreign countries can affect sales, reducing jobs, closing offices, and you can end up with a vacant building at the end of the year and nothing to show for it, but plenty of taxes to pay for it. It is a challenge created for someone with courage, financial savvy, and it doesn’t hurt to have deep pockets.