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In the technological age we find ourselves in, it should come as no surprise when we start to witness companies incorporating a social media presence into their brand. Social media marketing is a great way to build up a following and have an established base that you can share your products with. In many cases, it connects your company to an audience and shows reliability. It is also a free method of advertising because you can market things yourself. That is not to say that it is an easy thing to do. Surprisingly, there are many different considerations you will have to take into account when establishing your presence on social media.


Setting Intentions with Your Social Media Accounts

Understanding your goals is the first step in figuring out the direction in which you should take your marketing. If you are trying to market commercial properties, you will want to identify who it is that you are trying to market to. Commercial property owners? Real estate agents? Home owners? By narrowing your audience down, you will have an easier time determine what your content should be. It will also help you determine what methods will be best for sharing your products.


It can be frustrating when you go to post on a social media network and you do not get many likes. Getting positive results in social media requires identifying your audience, then tailoring your content to what they will want to be seeing. The content you will be posting for property owners will be different than the content you post for a real estate agent. Have a plan first, then execute on that plan. It is a great idea to plan out the posts you will be making and creating the content ahead of time. This will help you be able to figure out what kind of voice you want and to ensure the content is cohesive.

More About Determining Your Audience

When determining your audience and figuring out the people you want to reach, it is totally acceptable to look to others you admire. Getting inspiration from other pages is always a good idea, however, you want to figure out how to make it your own. Getting ideas and looking for the things you like from other social media pages is a great way to jumpstart things. With that being said, it is also good to look for the things you do not like, or the things you wish you saw. Figuring out what you would want to see from other pages is a great way of making it your own. You could try and replicate what someone else is doing, but your voice is unique and you should work to share the things that are important to you.


There are plenty of people you can imitate, but people can tell what is authentic versus what is not. It is important to be yourself, especially when marketing your business. Even in commercial real estate you can use social media as a tool to market properties for sale.

Final Thoughts On Using Social Media in Marketing Commercial Properties

Social media is an excellent way for companies and individuals to better market their properties. It is a tool that can help expand their consumer base and can help sell more properties. It can also be a way to get more business. Through developing stronger relationships with people, they may come to you when looking to buy or sell a property.


Ultimately, you want to think about who you are trying to reach and what you want to say. While making money is great, thinking of ways to build connections and establish relationships is more successful. Social media is wonderful tool for cultivating relationships. So while the marketing aspect is important to develop and pursue, remember to take the time to reach out and connect with others yourself. Do not let it be a one-way street. When you are connecting with others, they will want to connect with you. Try and develop a voice that is yours, as you want your company’s voice to last longer than fads do, so you can develop long-term relationships with potential customers.