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Though they’ve been hit many times during recessions, industrial buildings are enjoying a renewed resurgence with investors. Whether you’ve invested in an industrial building before or are looking to start investing for the first time it’s important to consider all of the possible benefits and risks before making any decisions.

Pros & Cons of Industrial Buildings

When investing in an industrial building, as with any other commercial real estate options there are multiple pros and cons including:


  • Brand new construction can better maximize your investments
  • Multiple ways to invest
  • High in demand from multiple industries


  • Property designs may limit choice of tenants
  • Bigger risks when dealing with vacancies
  • Remodels and renovations can be expensive

Helping Improve Your Investments

Instead of having to deal with the hassles and issues of investing on your own see why so many investors prefer working with an experienced LLC in Landwin. At Landwin our team has over 36 years of experience working in commercial real estate and we believe that we know how to recognize the positive signs needed to always maximize your investment. In addition to our proven track record for success we believe that we are one of the largest limited liability companies in all of the greater Los Angeles area. This can translate to our team finding you better opportunities and better protecting your investments. Instead of worrying about all of the ins and outs of industrial real estate investing please call or contact Landwin today to learn more and to speak with a member of our team. 

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