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separately managed accounts

There are a growing number of separately managed accounts (SMA) but it’s important to understand all aspects of an SMA before making any investments. A separately managed account is a portfolio of assets for any given investor that is managed by a professional investment firm. Typically one or more portfolio managers are responsible for the day- to-day decisions for any investments.

Who Do SMAs Help

While other options like retail classes of mutual funds and managed strategies have various fees and investment requirements, separately managed accounts target individual investors that aren’t ultra wealthy and therefore don’t have to pay exorbitant fees or meet other high requirements. The biggest advantage of an SMA is their highly customizable nature but there are other benefits to consider such as:

  • Tax gains/loss harvesting
  • Lack of embedded capital gains
  • Investments customized by investor/manager decisions

Risks of SMAs

It’s tough to compare SMAs to other investment options because the fee structure will vary depending on the funds, expenses and other factors in your SMA. SMAs also have to be closely monitored and require high due-diligence from whomever you choose to be your portfolio manager. While it can be hard to find an honest and qualified portfolio manager without overspending, the experienced staff at Landwin have provided investors with quality assistance every step of the way.

The Landwin Difference

Our team has decades of experience finding the right commercial real estate investment opportunities to help expand portfolios of all sizes. When you choose Landwin to work with your SMAs you get our knowledge and dedication toward expanding and growing your portfolio as risk-free as possible. If you’re interested in keeping those expensive fees down and avoiding the headaches of dealing with less experienced portfolio managers call or contact Landwin today.


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