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Tucson, Az.

The Landwin Story

The Landwin story is one of experienced, dedicated real estate professionals who share a common investment philosophy, as well as a commitment to delivering superior client care and results.

Established by Martin Landis in 1987 to serve the investment interests of family and friends, the company has expanded and evolved into a commercial real estate firm that encompasses all major phases of the industry, including development, acquisitions, syndication, financing, property and asset management.

Mr. Landis, who heads up a still-growing team of key partners and associates, represents 40 years of commercial real estate experience.

Strength Through Diversity

In the past 28 years, Landwin and its partners and associates have purchased more than 25 million square feet of real estate in the retail, office, industrial and condominium/multi-family sectors. By concentrating on diversity in the properties we acquire, we are able to better protect our investors from fluctuations in any one market.

Landwin has invested in properties in 20 different states, from Florida to Alaska. We are presently concentrating most of our investments in the western states, Hawaii, Florida and New York. Our intent is to further expand our investment reach in the years to come.

Click here for a partial list of the properties Landwin has acquired.

An Unprecedented 27% Rate of Return

While past performance cannot guarantee future results, we have proven over the years that by acquiring and managing select, quality real estate, the benefits to our investors, including an average 27% Internal Rate of Return over our 28 year history.

By investing in core properties with a history of dependable income, Landwin provides investors with a consistent cash-on-cash return.

Through our company Landwin Management, our management and construction specialists have, when able, improved and expanded the properties in which we invest, resulting in additional income.

Our investment philosophy is encompassed in the Landwin System, a proven, proprietary, copyrighted process encompassing every aspect of the real estate business.

A Personal Stake in Your Satisfaction

Despite our growth over the years, Landwin still strives to conduct business with as much client interaction and transparency as possible.

Our goal is to merge the experience of a major investment firm with the focus and personal attention to detail of the boutique business that we began 28 years ago. Perhaps that is why our investors, partners, peers and even our competitors have come to recognize the Landwin name as synonymous with the highest standards of talent, integrity and passion for the real estate business.

Landwin has offices in Encino, CA and Century City, CA